Knowing the real definition of beauty for women

The Pros and Cons of Breast Enhancement

There is no doubt that women these days are very much concerned about the way they look, and would want to improve themselves in whatever way possible. It can be rather frustrating; after all, to not be able to live up to society’s perception of what beauty is all about. Everyone has depended on the media to know what all the latest trends and fads are, as well as seeing their favorite celebrities sporting the most attractive looking figures on this planet.

Women would want to achieve those same looks with regard to fashion, yet when it comes to physical attributes; it can be a bit more challenging. After all, not every woman out there was born with big breasts. This is one major concern among the female folk, and they would wish to rectify it with the help of some breast enhancement procedures such as surgery. It has definitely grown even more popular over the past few years, simply because women criticize themselves way too much and would want to be as gorgeous-looking as possible. However, there are things that women need to be aware of before they decide to avail of this cosmetic treatment. In fact, there are pros and cons to keep in mind.


A. Breast enhancement procedures can do a great job of helping a woman improve her self esteem. She would be as comfortable as possible heading out to the beach wearing a bikini without having to be ridiculed for having a chest as flat as a plain. Apart from that, it also makes her feel desirable and can attract a slew of men in her life too.

B. Enhancing breast size can allow a woman to fill out her clothes more properly. At times, she may be looking to wear a dress which is quite slinky, yet the problem is her breasts are way too flat to actually show off any curvaceous aspects of her figure, simply because she’s lacking in that department.

C. It can even help a woman acquire better proportion on her body, especially when it comes to one of her breasts being smaller than the other.


A. Going under the knife can be quite a risky affair, especially when left in the hands of a surgeon who has very little experience. This is why a woman who wishes to enhance the size of her breasts must do some extensive research on the surgeon in charge of the procedure. Failing to do so opens up the risks of encountering side effects and unsatisfactory results.

B. Breast augmentation procedures can be pretty expensive. The most affordable breast surgeries out there can be as low as a few thousand bucks, and this is an amount of money that not every woman in the world has in their possession. Even with herbal remedies for breast enhancement, it can pile up to a lot of expenses, especially with regular use.

These are just some of the benefits and drawbacks of breast enhancement procedures. Women who wish to improve their physiques through surgery must consider these points before jumping the gun.

False Beliefs About the Causes of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks bother a lot of people. They do not like having it because they feel that they have wormy like growth in their body. This is because stretch marks literally look like there are worms embedded just under the skin.

These stretch marks are very unsightly to look at. Because of this, people really want to find ways to effectively remove stretch marks from their body.

Unfortunately, there are times when a person is discouraged with the ineffectiveness of their stretch mark removal treatments, best stretch mark cream.

This is because there are many false beliefs that surround stretch marks. These myths involve not only the treatments of stretch marks but the causes of stretch marks as well.

Here are some of the false beliefs about the causes of stretch marks that everybody should know about.

Stretch marks are only caused by overstretched skin

While the majority of stretch marks are caused by skin that is overstretched beyond its elastic capacity, this does not mean that this is the only cause for stretch marks. There are also other things that can cause stretch marks.

In fact, these causes are not really that well known because the major belief is that stretch marks only happen when a skin is stretched too much due to rapid growth or pregnancy. But what about the persons who get stretch marks even if they didn’t grow up fast, become fat in a short period or got pregnant?

What made them get stretch marks? For these people, they get their stretch marks through hormonal imbalances, depression as well as a side effect to a particular medical condition that they may have.

Stretch marks only happen if the skin is affected physically

The dominant belief is the fact that stretch marks can only form if the skin is physically affected. This means they think that the skin has to be overstretched physically or be subjected to some form of physical distress in order for stretch marks to form.

This is a false belief. This is because there are many ways that stretch marks that can be formed without physically distressing the skin. For example, hormonal imbalances do not necessarily affect the skin physically but it can generate stretch marks.

The same holds true for steroid supplements as well as other medications that have the formation of stretch marks as its side effects.

Stretch marks cannot be prevented

Many people do not believe that stretch marks cannot be prevented. They believe that it is one of the things that pregnant women or fat people have to deal with. What they fail to realize is the fact that stretch marks can actually be prevented.

Pregnant women or fat people can use certain creams and ointments that help prevent the generation of stretch marks. Regularly using these creams and ointments can definitely help in the prevention of the formation of stretch marks.

Those who are looking for ways to avoid getting stretch marks should really talk to their dermatologist about it. Their skin doctors are the best people to help them come up with a process or a program that they can use to avoid having to deal with stretch marks over the long term.

Disastrous Acne: Blame Your Hormones

The nasty acne is indeed a disastrous skin condition. You may agree that this skin issue common during your teenage years especially during pubescent stage can leave you with plenty of reasons to get depressed.

The exact cause of this disease is not determined yet there are several factors to its development.

The Nature of Acne

During high school, you still remember not being in the mood to attend your class because you have the unsightly zits. Yes, acne can take away your self-esteem. What is the nature of this disease? Skin experts believe that acne or pimples is hormonal by nature.

You know that a culprit to acne development is sebum or oil. Hormones aid in the maturation of your sebaceous gland (oil gland). This explains why children do not grow pimples.

However, it is unclear how hormones cause or influence acne growth. There is a question on whether the skin is the target of the hormones or does your skin produce hormones itself?

The Hormone

What is the hormone which affects acne development? What is the main culprit to your problem? Aside from being a bacterial infection caused by Propionibacterium acnes, hormones also play a big role in growing pimples.

Your oil glands may produce excessive amounts of oil which serves a good medium for the said organism. When dirt and cell debris mix with sebum and clog your pores, inflammation, redness and growth of pimples may occur.


The naturally occurring substance in your body (the hormone) which can cause acne is testosterone. It is considered to be a “male hormone”. However, you can be a women and you are not spared from having pimples because you also have amounts of testosterone in the blood but lesser that that of the males.

This hormone can cause a surplus of oil produced by the glands making you at risk of clogging your pores and develop infection.


Pimples in pregnancy, menstruation and menopause can be due to another culprit to acne development- estrogen. What can be done in this case? Your skin doctor may give you low-dose contraceptive pill use. Another option is using a pill that can block androgen receptors and keep your testosterone levels steady.

Is Acne Preventable?

Yes, the ugly zits are highly preventable. Stress is known to cause acne due to its effect to the balance of hormones in your body. Despite its hormonal nature you can prevent and manage the growth of pimples on your skin.

There are several other factors to acne development. It can be due to infection so a good physical hygiene can help in its prevention. Experts believe that diet can affect skin health and cause you pimples.

Eat healthy and have a balanced diet in order to prevent the unsightly zits.

No one is spared from growing a pimple on the face. You cannot go passed puberty without even seeing a tiny zit on your skin. You know that the changes or fluctuations on the level of hormones are great factors in the development of pimples.

Why Do Women Want a Breast Enhancement?

So many women these days are so conscious about their appearances, and would love to enhance themselves in many possible ways. One can simply point the finger on the media; merely because it has influenced everyone to actually do all they can just to appear attractive. Physical beauty has certainly become a priority among people in the world, and while this may seem like a sad thing, it also allows a person to improve themselves. For women, one of the most common concerns is having a bigger pair of breasts.

A woman would want to feel desirable, and she simply cannot have that if she’s got an A-cup just like her little brother. They’d like to fill out their bras more appropriately, and sometimes breast enhancement may be the only solution to this. A number of ladies would seek out such services on the internet and try to get a hold of the best available surgeon. However, in order to understand the increasing popularity of cosmetic procedures on a woman’s breasts, it would be important to know what their reasons are for going under the knife. Below are just a few of those reasons.

1. There are a lot of women who are mothers. After they’ve given child birth, their physiques may not look the same. Of course, a bit of exercise can help in getting them back into proper shape. However, some women’s breasts continue to sag. Pregnancy can truly take a toll on a woman’s breasts, especially with breast feeding. They would like to reacquire the same firmness and tone they once had before they had kids.

2. Some women are looking to increase the size of their breasts. There’s nothing more frustrating to see the rest of her friends possessing ample bosoms while she has an A-cup. She would want to fill her bra out and fit in all those nice clothes properly. If they have the opportunity to have bigger breasts, they will surely grab it just to feel good about themselves.

3. There are also some women who feel that their breasts are too big. Huge breast size can often take a toll on a woman’s physical function, especially when they seem to be quite heavy, and may even lead to body pains. Breast reduction surgery is the answer to this concern.

4. Another major reason is due to body symmetry. There are some women out there who don’t think their bodies are well proportioned for some reason. They may think that one breast is bigger than the other, and would want to make them equal in size. Cosmetic procedures can rectify this problem.

5. There is also the matter of women wanting to please their men. In fact, there are some people who think that having nice bodies can truly lead to a great time during intimate acts in the bedroom. They would want to not only look good in bed, but also provide their partners a great deal of satisfaction.

These are reasons why women would want to undergo breast enhancement procedures. However, they don’t always have to go under the knife; there are some natural & herbal treatments for this, as well as the traditional exercise and dieting to consider.

Myths About Getting Rid of Stretchmarks

Stretchmarks are really ugly to look at. This is because they look like wormy growth under the skin. As such, it is highly recommended that people should find ways to get rid of their stretchmarks as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, getting rid of stretchmarks is not something that is easy. Because of this, there are many myths that revolve around stretchmarks. These myths really ruin things for people who are looking for ways to deal with their stretch marks.

Here are some myths about stretch mark treatments that everybody should know.


In order to effective get rid of stretch marks, one must know the causes of stretch marks. Unfortunately, there are many myths surround the causes of stretch marks. Here are some of the myths surrounding the causes of stretch marks.

Stretched skin is the only cause of stretch marks – not all stretch marks are caused by overstretched skin. There are cases wherein hormonal imbalance causes stretch marks.

These cases are predominant in women. Even if they are not pregnant or if they haven’t experienced a rapid weight gain, they can still get stretch marks if they have a sever hormonal imbalance.

Taking medication does not cause stretch marks – this is a falsehood. There are many medications that can generate stretch marks. These medications include steroids as well as certain hormone therapies.

This is why people who are concerned about getting stretch marks should double check the side effects of the medication that they are taking.

Prevention and treatment

Aside from myths revolving the causes of stretch marks, there are also many myths that revolve around the prevention and treatment of stretch marks. These myths about prevention and treatment often discourage people from removing their stretch marks.

As such, by knowing these myths, people are placed at a better position to address their own stretch marks.

Stretch marks can never be removed – this is the biggest myths surrounding the treatment of stretch marks. Many people think that once they have stretch marks, they are forced to live with it for the rest of their lives.

This is not true at all. One should understand that getting rid of stretch marks is hard. But this does not mean that stretch marks are impossible to remove. You can remove stretch marks. It’s just that it takes a lot of work as well as time.

Stretch mark creams do not work – this is once again, one of the biggest myths surrounding stretch marks. While there are many creams that are sold with too much hype, there are also creams that exist that are actually effective in removing stretch marks.

These creams possess excellent formulations that are effective against all kinds of stretch marks. However, in order for them to work, one needs to apply it to the affected area on a regular basis. These stretch mark creams are not magic products that deliver overnight results.

By knowing all these myths, people will be able to make intelligent decisions about the treatment program that they will follow for their stretch marks. They should also talk with skin doctors in order to make sure that they have all the information that they need to effectively deal with their stretch marks.

The ABCs Of Acne Prevention

Acne is one of the worst things that could happen to a person because it leaves ugly scars and worst of all, it affects a person’s self confidence.

Acne has many causes so it is important that people should know what causes acne for them to treat such skin condition. One of the things that people need to bear in mind though is the fact that acne can easily be prevented.

To know more about how to prevent acne, here are some natural remedies that could help treat acne breakouts fast:

  • Stress is something that people need to get rid of if they wish to get rid of acne breakouts as well. When a person is stressed, then the more chances for such person to suffer from breakouts so it is important to de stress relax and find a way for to keep people from worrying so as not to have acne.
  • Sleep is also necessary since people who suffer from acne are those people who are having a hard time sleeping. The body needs enough sleep so it would not result to acne breakouts which is can sometimes be a bit hard to get rid of.
  • Lack of Vitamins and minerals in the body could also cause acne which is why it is important to get enough vitamins and minerals in the system as it helps get rid of the things that cause acne. Vitamin A is known to help in terms of reducing skin oiliness which is also associated to acne. Vitamin B6 on the other hand is also important as it helps balance a person’s hormonal levels which could sometimes cause less fluctuation that result in acne flare-up. Zinc is known to help reduce the inflammation which is why these vitamins are necessary in the body.
  • Personal hygiene is also very important in terms of getting rid of acne. Having a healthy and good hygiene can improve a person’s skin in a good way. It can also get rid of the signs of acne. Just bear in mind to avoid touching the acne with dirty hands as it may worsen the condition. Use mild soap when taking a bath and use anti acne wash to ensure that the acne would be gone fast.
  • Drink lots of water, fresh juices and other fresh fluids since these could help flush away the toxins in the body naturally. Drinking fresh juices and water is certainly going to help getting rid of acne fast.

These are just few of the things that could help prevent acne so it is important to get to know more about these things. Acne prevention if done properly could definitely get rid of the ugly signs of acne so it is important for people to take it serioulsy.

It is also important for people to consult a dermatologist for them to provide the best acne solutions on how to treat acne fast without having to worry about side effects which can sometimes worsen the skin condition of a person.

All natural ways are safe and have been proven to have worked for many people.