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Disastrous Acne: Blame Your Hormones

The nasty acne is indeed a disastrous skin condition. You may agree that this skin issue common during your teenage years especially during pubescent stage can leave you with plenty of reasons to get depressed.

The exact cause of this disease is not determined yet there are several factors to its development.

The Nature of Acne

During high school, you still remember not being in the mood to attend your class because you have the unsightly zits. Yes, acne can take away your self-esteem. What is the nature of this disease? Skin experts believe that acne or pimples is hormonal by nature.

You know that a culprit to acne development is sebum or oil. Hormones aid in the maturation of your sebaceous gland (oil gland). This explains why children do not grow pimples.

However, it is unclear how hormones cause or influence acne growth. There is a question on whether the skin is the target of the hormones or does your skin produce hormones itself?

The Hormone

What is the hormone which affects acne development? What is the main culprit to your problem? Aside from being a bacterial infection caused by Propionibacterium acnes, hormones also play a big role in growing pimples.

Your oil glands may produce excessive amounts of oil which serves a good medium for the said organism. When dirt and cell debris mix with sebum and clog your pores, inflammation, redness and growth of pimples may occur.


The naturally occurring substance in your body (the hormone) which can cause acne is testosterone. It is considered to be a “male hormone”. However, you can be a women and you are not spared from having pimples because you also have amounts of testosterone in the blood but lesser that that of the males.

This hormone can cause a surplus of oil produced by the glands making you at risk of clogging your pores and develop infection.


Pimples in pregnancy, menstruation and menopause can be due to another culprit to acne development- estrogen. What can be done in this case? Your skin doctor may give you low-dose contraceptive pill use. Another option is using a pill that can block androgen receptors and keep your testosterone levels steady.

Is Acne Preventable?

Yes, the ugly zits are highly preventable. Stress is known to cause acne due to its effect to the balance of hormones in your body. Despite its hormonal nature you can prevent and manage the growth of pimples on your skin.

There are several other factors to acne development. It can be due to infection so a good physical hygiene can help in its prevention. Experts believe that diet can affect skin health and cause you pimples.

Eat healthy and have a balanced diet in order to prevent the unsightly zits.

No one is spared from growing a pimple on the face. You cannot go passed puberty without even seeing a tiny zit on your skin. You know that the changes or fluctuations on the level of hormones are great factors in the development of pimples.

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