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False Beliefs About the Causes of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks bother a lot of people. They do not like having it because they feel that they have wormy like growth in their body. This is because stretch marks literally look like there are worms embedded just under the skin.

These stretch marks are very unsightly to look at. Because of this, people really want to find ways to effectively remove stretch marks from their body.

Unfortunately, there are times when a person is discouraged with the ineffectiveness of their stretch mark removal treatments, best stretch mark cream.

This is because there are many false beliefs that surround stretch marks. These myths involve not only the treatments of stretch marks but the causes of stretch marks as well.

Here are some of the false beliefs about the causes of stretch marks that everybody should know about.

Stretch marks are only caused by overstretched skin

While the majority of stretch marks are caused by skin that is overstretched beyond its elastic capacity, this does not mean that this is the only cause for stretch marks. There are also other things that can cause stretch marks.

In fact, these causes are not really that well known because the major belief is that stretch marks only happen when a skin is stretched too much due to rapid growth or pregnancy. But what about the persons who get stretch marks even if they didn’t grow up fast, become fat in a short period or got pregnant?

What made them get stretch marks? For these people, they get their stretch marks through hormonal imbalances, depression as well as a side effect to a particular medical condition that they may have.

Stretch marks only happen if the skin is affected physically

The dominant belief is the fact that stretch marks can only form if the skin is physically affected. This means they think that the skin has to be overstretched physically or be subjected to some form of physical distress in order for stretch marks to form.

This is a false belief. This is because there are many ways that stretch marks that can be formed without physically distressing the skin. For example, hormonal imbalances do not necessarily affect the skin physically but it can generate stretch marks.

The same holds true for steroid supplements as well as other medications that have the formation of stretch marks as its side effects.

Stretch marks cannot be prevented

Many people do not believe that stretch marks cannot be prevented. They believe that it is one of the things that pregnant women or fat people have to deal with. What they fail to realize is the fact that stretch marks can actually be prevented.

Pregnant women or fat people can use certain creams and ointments that help prevent the generation of stretch marks. Regularly using these creams and ointments can definitely help in the prevention of the formation of stretch marks.

Those who are looking for ways to avoid getting stretch marks should really talk to their dermatologist about it. Their skin doctors are the best people to help them come up with a process or a program that they can use to avoid having to deal with stretch marks over the long term.

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